New Header and Design



I know its been awhile since I updated last on my website redesign. I went back and looked at my design and while I like the illustration look I don’t think it made a good website design. I plan on using the illustrations for an art piece though.

Up above is what I have created as my soon to be new header. I have still kept the mountains aspect of the design but I have made them more geometric and given them textures to appear more lifelike. I like this design a lot better with the textures and keeping the same aspect ratio of the mountains. I can also use the same shapes and colors on other personal branding elements like my resume and business cards.

New Layout

This is what I hope the whole layout of the site will look like. With the water turning into a waterfall and falling down the page into a lake at the bottom. At the bottom the mountains have been flipped to resemble the underground with the bottom layer being lava.


So that is hopefully my new design that I will run with, I am still not sure where I am going to put my name and navigation, but I finally got a design that I like

New Illustration for Web Site Redesign



I came up with two new header images for the new website design. With the new design I want the new site to show more of my personality. One of the many ways that I love to relax is by getting into the outdoors, whether is hiking, camping, disc golf or just going for walks. So part of the new design is going to be mainly focused on outdoor elements, mountains, disc golf, lakes, water, landscapes, sky and trees. The main colors I will be using are greens, blues and browns.


The two designs that I have come up with for the header image take a look at different mountains. One set far away and another of a more up close view. The closer view also has a cabin and I’m toying with the idea of adding more to it or taking it out. Right now I am leaning towards using the using the close up view (which I want to work into a bigger piece of work). Although I need to figure out what to do with the edges so its not just cut off. So what I’m really saying is that I haven’t learned any new HTML5 or CSS3 just working on illustration and design.

A Little Preview


I have recently started working a little bit on on of my new websites I was debating on what CMS to use and I finally decided for now to go with Wordpress and then maybe as the site grows to move onto a new full featured CMS. But I recently figured out what type of font and what colors as well as theme I am going to use for the site. So up above is the logo, on the site it will be straight. Below is a little preview of the site still in progress. I am in search of an image that I want to use for the top header. I think I might have to make it out to one of the courses and take a picture myself.


Whose clicking on these ads?

Capital One CNN Ads

So I blogged (link) about the Capitol One having 4 adds running on at once and it ended up getting a lot of traffic from people searching so I assume I am not the only one finds the ads annoying. The adds have come back a couple of times since, including today. Now Capitol one is in the business of making money and wouldn’t have these ads running for nothing. So now my question isn’t why are they running these ads, its whose clicking on them that make them worth it? The ads do wrap around the main content of so is it people thinking its part of the site? The top banner does occasionally scroll across and maybe people think its a new ticker?Is there enough people like me who click their mouse randomly when reading something that accidentally click on them? There has to be a healthy amount of people that click on the ads to justify spending that much money on them. I would love to see a click heatmap of the main page to see where these people are clicking. I guess it must be good advertising design if its worth it, no matter how annoying or intrusive it is.

Grndctrl Review


Grndctrl is a dashboard that tells you where your money goes & helps you save via the medium of beautiful graphs. It is a nice simple and easy to use website that tells you how much money you should be saving a month based on your monthly income and monthly expenses.


After you put all of your information in you return to the dashboard and you are greeted by a couple of things. First at the top there is a blue bar and breaks down how much you are saving (if you are saving) per day, month, and year. Next there is a pie graph that shows you how much money you are spending on your expenses per year. The final is a bar graph that shows your estimated savings over the next year.grndctrl-screen2

The final part is a rewards section where you enter in a item that you are saving up for (HDTV, Laptop, Car, etc.) and how much that item costs. The site will then display how much time it will take you to save up for that item.


This site is incredibly useful and after taking the ~10 minutes to set it up has shown me that I can trim my budget down and save up money to pay off my student loans as well as save up for some new things. One thing I wish it had was integration with Mint that pulled all my information and was able to accurately tell me how much I was saving per month in the past. Overall it is a great site that will always be helpful.