2013 February Blizzard “Nemo” Time Lapse

This weekend we got hit with a blizzard named “Nemo” and got buried under 25” of snow here in Merrimack NH. I used the app Lapse It. It was my first time using it and doing a time lapse but it came out pretty well.

Halloween Weekend Snow Storm Damage

October Snow Storm

We had a little bit of damage from the October 29th snow storm in Central MA. Just a few branches down here and there. Only about 7” of snow but just a little ways down the road they got over a foot.

2011 October Snow StormOctober Snow Storm DamageOctober 29th Snow Storm DamageOctober 29th MA Snow Storm Damage

Hurricane Irene Damage


Well now that Hurricane Irene is over its time for clean up. When the storm hit us it was already downgraded to a tropical storm. It was actually kind of a dud for our area which is good news because that means nobody got hurt and there was minor damage around us. The first picture up top was the power/cable/telephone wires that were from the pole and connected to the house. Those wires came down after a small branch hit them, but we maintained power throughout and the town was quick to come and put them back up.


That is the worst damage we saw from the storm. A tree that borders our property and our neighbors property had the top part snap off and fall down about 10 feet from our house. Other than that just small sticks and branches and lots of leaves down. So we dodged a major bullet here with this storm, which is a good thing.

Tracking Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene from Space

Image From NASA

So earlier this week we had a confirmed F1 Tornado in New Hampshire and then we had a 5.8 earthquake hit near Washington D.C. that damaged the National Cathedral and cracked the Washington Monument closing it indefinitely. So what else could complete this week? How about a hurricane? Yup, right when I was supposed to move into my a new apartment  a hurricane is going to hit. Guess I won’t be moving any large objects this weekend. I love weather though, for many years I thought about becoming a meteorologist. So one thing I love to do is track storms and watch them.

Tracking Hurricane Irene

For hurricanes I found this tracker from MSNBC that is pretty detailed and gives good information. So if you looking to track Hurricane Irene and want a good useable interface I suggestion using MSNBCs tracker. Here is weather.com page on the hurricane for more information and weather.gov page as well. There is also Stormplus which is very good resource as well for general storm and weather tracking.

Hurricane Irene Tracking

Massachusetts Tornadoes Path

Image Credit: NASA Earth Observatory/Jesse Allen/USGS, using Landsat 5 data provided by Julia Barsi of the Landsat Project Science Office.

On June 1st a tornado ripped through western / central Massachusetts. Very rare for this area and also rare on the amount of damage that the storm caused. NASA released a picture from space where you can see the path that the tornado took. It looks as if a giant had picked up a stick and dragged it through MA similar to what we would do with a stick on the beach, just drawing a line in the sand. MetaFilter member tapesonthefloor created this overlay just hover over the image to see the before and after of the path the tornado took.