Kelly Shoppach’s First Steal

Kelly Shoppach’s first career steal and probably the best slide in Red Sox and baseball history. His first steal took place on Friday April 13th 2012. The Red Sox home opener as they start their 100th year at Fenway Park against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Fenway Park Panorama



This is a panorama taken with my Android phone using the Photaf 3D Panorama app. The color is off but I was impressed how easy it was to take pictures and how well it lined up. I am going to try and fix the colors in Photoshop and see how close I can get it to looking normal. For the record, the Red Sox lost.

Boston Bruins Parade and Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup

I was lucky enough to go and see the Boston Bruins Parade and Stanley Cup this weekend. Here are a few pictures. You can see the crowd and there was probably 30 people deep all along the parade route and then suddenly these guys game through carrying a wedding cake.

Boston Bruins Parade CakeBruins Parade CrowdTim Thomas ParadeMascot

Best Disc Golf Shot of the Day

Disc Golf Drive

Had this drive on hole 5 at Pyramids Disc Golf. On the drive dug into the hill about 3 inches. Landed about 10 feet from the pin. In the picture below you can see where the disc is on the hill.

Disc Golf Drive Hill

Opening Day 2010

This year I was lucky enough to have tickets to Opening Day at Fenway Park, and it was amazing! With Pedro throwing out the first pitch, Steven Tyler signing “God Bless America” and of course Neil Diamond signing “Sweet Caroline” oh and I’m pretty sure that the Red Sox beat the Yankees too. Up top is my favorite picture that I worked for a couple hours on. Its the first pitch of 2010 and it took about 6 different pictures to get the right form I wanted. I think Im still going to go in and touch of some areas again. All the pictures I took of the game are below.