Photoshop Photo Restoration


I have trying to do photo corrections and photo restoration for these pictures to give to my Grandma. I think I did well on the picture of just my Grandpa from when he was in the military. I also think I need well on the Christmas picture, although some detail was lost and needs some sharpening done. The last picture was such a pain to do. There’s still a finger print over my aunts face and its still some work to do there. I need more practice on doing photo restoration. I think that I’m off to a good start. Any tips? Critiques? Tricks? Improvements? Let me know! I am open to advice! (old picture on the left, restored on the right)

christmas picture

Family Picture

Photoshop Tip: Zooming In

Photoshop Zoom

I discovered a pretty nifty trick the other day while working zoomed in on a huge image file. So when you navigate around an image in Photoshop you hold down space and then click and drag. This is fine if you are just working in a small area and don’t need to see the whole picture.

So while working on a huge image I was often scrolling around the image a lot using the space key and click and drag and repeat. Until I discovered a nifty little tip that Photoshop has. If you hold down space + c and click and drag a small box will pop up (see above image) and you will zoom out and the box will follow them mouse, then when you release the mouse it will zoom into where the box is now placed at the same zoom level as before. Get it? Well there’s a short video (go full screen on it) that I made that you can checkout below. It starts off with the normal zoom and then shows you the space + c zoom.


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How to Create Sticker Text Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop Sticker

I have been making text look like it’s a sticker for a little while at work and I thought that I would make a short tutorial on how I create the sticker quickly and easily. This is my first Adobe Photoshop tutorial so go easy on me! Hit the jump to see the tutorial and download the files.

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Adobe Photoshop Menus Tip


I discovered something interesting the other day while playing around in Photoshop. Under the Edit menu there’s a “Menus”  option. Under that you can turn off the display of any menu item in Photoshop. The menu options will still be there just hidden down at the bottom under “Show All Menu Items” selection. This is extremely useful for getting rid of menu items you don’t use like “Open in Bridge” or anything that you always seem to miss-click on when working on in Photoshop.

Opening Day 2010

This year I was lucky enough to have tickets to Opening Day at Fenway Park, and it was amazing! With Pedro throwing out the first pitch, Steven Tyler signing “God Bless America” and of course Neil Diamond signing “Sweet Caroline” oh and I’m pretty sure that the Red Sox beat the Yankees too. Up top is my favorite picture that I worked for a couple hours on. Its the first pitch of 2010 and it took about 6 different pictures to get the right form I wanted. I think Im still going to go in and touch of some areas again. All the pictures I took of the game are below.