Childish Gambino – Camp

You can now stream Childish Gambino’s (Donald Glover) new album “Camp”. You can listen to it on You can pre-order it here, it comes out on November 15th. This album so far is amazing, its to hard to pick a favorite but so far the front a runner is Outside or That Power. Childish Gambino is amazing artist and rapper along with being amazing on Community. So go and listen, you can thank me later.

Updates 3.1

Today Microsoft released a update to the Zune to bring it to 3.1 included in this update is software fixes, better social support and three new games along with an update to Texas Hold’Em. The three new games are Checkers, Sudoku and Space Battle. They are pretty explanatory except for Space Battle. In Space Battle you fly around and shoot other enemies out of the sky. You can get upgrades like better shields, more ammo, and weapon upgrade along with more spaceship parts to customize your spaceship. On my first playing it the game seems more in-depth then I was expecting, which is a good thing. For Texas Hold’Em they added multi-player over WiFi. Some screen caps grabbed from Zune Insider.

space battle checkers sudoku

Zune 3.0


Today was the release of the Zune 3.0 software and they finally added a clock. That whole update was worth it just for the clock. But 3.0 also brings a lot of nice features and improvements. After the release of Apples Genius feature where it picks songs that match your taste, the new Zune software comes with Mixview which is:

Dynamic representations of your collection, as well as artist and song recommendations based on what you and other members of the Social are listening to.

Its quite interesting to play around with, Jesus Diaz gives a good review over at Gizmodo. Some of the other more notable features added are games (Hexic and Texas Hold’Em), browse Zune marketplace by WiFi, buy from FM, which when your listening to a song on the radio you can add it to your cart and buy the song next time you sync it with your computer. Another notable feature is Zune Channels, which if you have a Zune Pass you can subscribe to the channel and it will add songs to a play list based on your listening habits. You can get a complete rundown of what’s new here.

Overall I think this new software is a step in the right direction for Microsoft and for the Zune team. I am glad that when I had the chance I chose the Zune over the iPod. Hit the jump for a couple of screen shots of the new software. I also scored a free episode of The Office off of the Zune Marketplace!!! So that along with the clock addition made it worth it.

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You may remember before I mentioned that you can view my most listened to music through my Zune card (here). Well I’ve been sick of using the Zune software so I found some alternatives. The first is using this program called zAlternator(link seems to be down) (direct download here) which allows you to use your Zune with other types of software such has iTunes, Windows media player and Winamp (which I use). This allows you to synch and organize music without happening to use the Zune software at all. Now however it doesn’t track what songs you play, which is a feature that I like. Many people have been using this software called It tracks your songs that you last played and lists them and other statistics about them on their own website. You can take a look at my profile here. You can still see my Zune card for what I’ve played on my Zune.

Update: I have noticed that a couple of the alternatives are down so I picked up a new Zune HD and let me tell you this is 100 times better. The new Zune software is amazing and the touchscreen and interface on the HD is amazing and easy to use. So much better than the original Zune.

New Zune Software

So yesterday the New Zunes and Zune software came out. Now I thought that the old Zune software was horrible but the new software has its problems as well. The new software is a lot eaiser to use and I like the new search and customization of the background. Here is the old software: This is the new software: As you can see they are drastically different. Now I think that the new software is easier to use and easier to navigate through the artists and albums. However on the downside is you lost a lot of editing with music tags and album art. For example I have The Rolling Stones 500 Greatest songs and its listed by the different artists so when I select all the different artists with the same album name I can’t apply the same album art so I have to do it individually. Same thing with changing the song artists. For people who had a generation 1 Zune also got the new Zune firmware. The new Zune firmware is pretty nice and it comes with a lot of upgrades. Right off the bat theres a new interface and menu system. Now the new interface is a lot bigger and easy to read, its also a lot faster to use. Now the Zune also supports podcasts which I guess is nice I don’t know a lot of podcasts but maybe I’ll get hooked on them. The newest feature that is that theres wireless syncing which is pretty nice. It does take a little bit out of the battery but is convenient if your not near your computer, being in a small apartment I don’t really see a use for it because I can just walk 5 steps and plug it in. It does however free up a USB slot which is nice since those are at a premium. Coming tomorrow: The Zune Social