Google Chrome


If you haven’t heard already Google came out with their own web browser today called Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a browser that looks to compete with the IE market share more then the Firefox market share. Chrome is an open source browser but is currently only made for windows PCs. There is however a portable version for your thumbdrives. Overall its a pretty impressive browser however it does have a long way to go. There have been some talk about it being a little intrusive about your personal life but nothing that bothers me, yet at least. The second thing was the amount of ads that I saw, I hope when this takes off somebody ports over AdBlock Plus for it, then it would be useable. Hit the jump for some screen shots and things that Chrome does.

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The full Firefox 3 Review

firefox-logo Its been two weeks since Firefox 3 has come out and I’m just getting around to posting a “full” review of it. Overall I’m impressed with it, its a big step up from Firefox 2. There have been some visual changes as well as software and memory changes. Now I don’t know much about programing so I have no idea what they did but all I know is that its faster then 2 and that it uses a lot less memory then 2 did. One of the changes that I love that they did is when you enter your user name and password into a site a bar drops down from the top to ask if you want to save the password or not. In the older versions and was a pop up window that asked you which was extremely annoying if you entered the wrong password you wouldn’t know until after you selected if you wanted to save it or not.



Hit the jump too see some of the other changes…

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FireFox 3 Review

Today was the official release of the ever popular Firefox 3. Today was the official day to download to try and set the Guinness book of world records record.

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