A Little Preview


I have recently started working a little bit on on of my new websites DiscGolfPictures.com. I was debating on what CMS to use and I finally decided for now to go with Wordpress and then maybe as the site grows to move onto a new full featured CMS. But I recently figured out what type of font and what colors as well as theme I am going to use for the site. So up above is the logo, on the site it will be straight. Below is a little preview of the site still in progress. I am in search of an image that I want to use for the top header. I think I might have to make it out to one of the courses and take a picture myself.


Disc Golfing in Fall

Disc Golf in Fall

I need to get back out there before it gets too cold and the snow starts falling. I haven’t been in over a month. My discs need some refreshing fresh air. PS. I am going to be launching a new site soon, Disc Golf Pictures, but I need some more pictures to put up, if you have any would you would like to send me you can email me at info@discgolfpictures.com. Thanks!

Best Disc Golf Shot of the Day

Disc Golf Drive

Had this drive on hole 5 at Pyramids Disc Golf. On the drive dug into the hill about 3 inches. Landed about 10 feet from the pin. In the picture below you can see where the disc is on the hill.

Disc Golf Drive Hill

I Miss This.


Hopefully going out this weekend.

Hole 4 at Fort Devens Disc Golf Course.