Blog Posts and Stats


Back on September 26th I hit my 100th blog post. Not really a big deals since my first post was back on November 14th 2007. So that’s 100 blog posts in 1,412 days an average of one post ever 14.12 days. Not bad considering I had a total of 8 posts in 2009 and just 3 posts in 2010. A total of 20,051 visitors with 18,789 being unique visitors visited 29,379 pages.

One thing I love doing is looking at my analytics. In face I have 3 different analytics programs running on here. Now while I don’t get many visitors (average 14.2 visitors/day) I love looking at how many visitors I get per day, week, month and year. Seeing what search terms they use to get to the site and how many pages they visit while on the site. I hope to increase the amount of posts and the amount of visitors. So lets not take 4 years before we hit post number 200! Hit the jump to see some more stats.

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New Website and More Visitors

JMmainThese past couple of weeks I have been working on a birthday present for my sister. So for her present I put to good use my degree and built her and her husbands wedding/life update website. The website presented many challenges and made me research and learn new things. JMwed Some of the things the problems that I faced was needing to put about 180 pictures up (soon to be 800+) and to embed a guestbook. For the pictures I used a JavaScript tab interface and then had a separate tab for every gallery. This didn’t work out perfect and it takes some time to load, so its not perfect but works for now. The other was embedding a guestbook. For this I used Ascended Guestbook. This was relatively easy to set up and embed although it did give me some problems that were easy to fix once I realized what it was (.html –> .php). Its a continuing project, but for now the site is up and running.

I also passed 2,000 unique visitors for this blog. If you remember back in August I blogged about 1,000 unique visitors and I thought it was a big deal. It took 8 months to get to 1,000 visitors and now only 4 months to get to 2,000. So if this keeps up then at the end of January I should hit 3,000. I doubt that, but we will see what happens.

1,000 Visitors!!!!


As of writing this entry right now there have been 1,001 unique visitors to my blog. I started this blog back on December 3ed 2007, so a day before 9 complete months there have been 1,001 visitors or about 111.17 visitors per month. The most visitors were 19 on January 13, 2008. I think its pretty impressive for such little work that I’ve actually put into it. I also currently have a google page rank of 4 out of 10. There have been visitors from 63 different countries with the top 5 being(these are all time visits):


  1. US- 998 visitors
  2. Canada- 50 visitors
  3. UK- 42 visitors
  4. Germany- 18 visitors
  5. India- 16 visitors

These are the top 5 searches:

  1. Digsby review- 199
  2. evernote3- 18
  3. zalternator download- 14
  4. Keith Keristead- 12
  5. zune alternative- 9


As for my main portfolio site I’ve only had 281 unique visitors. My main site has a google page rank of 2 out of 10.