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Why I love Moosejaw


Moosejaw is an online store similar to REI and EMS. I have recently started ordering my clothes and camping gear from them because they have great prices, reward points and a sense of humor. After viewing their site and reading some of the descriptions you will get what I mean. I also like shopping there because they have reward points for everything you buy and you can redeem the points to get free gear or clothing.

So anyways, I needed a new camp knife and knife for making delicious pb&j sandwiches at work. So I ordered this knife from Moosejaw for a whooping total price or $0.80 (got free two day shipping with a coupon code). Anyways what made my day was when the package arrived for this small thin knife. This is the front of the box:


This box gets around a lot…. It’s also funny to ship your item in this. Madness…. We <3 it @ Moosejaw

The box was about 12” x 8” x 3” for a knife that was 5” x 3 cm. Also included in the box, along with the standard Moosejaw catalog and bumper sticker was a tube of Tom’s Toothpaste. The box was a recycled box.  So not only were they funny with their packaging they were also green in recycling and not creating more boxes. This is a company that knows their audience and caters to that audience. Hit the jump to see what else was written on the box and how the knife was packed.

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Epic burger


Our amazing burger from this weekend.  1/2 pound hamburger with 2 pieces extra thick bacon.  Delicious.

Funspot New Hampshire and Memorial Day


Went to Funspot up in New Hampshire for memorial day. Funspot is the world’s largest arcade and home of the American Classic Arcade Museum. I played a lot of pinball and classic arcade games. They have all the classics, Tron, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Pong, and Missile Command. Overall it was a great weekend. Plenty of games, swimming, drinks, and relaxing. Some more pictures after the break.

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Minor Issues

I’ve been having some minor display and uptime issues today. Things should be all sorted out now, if you see anything please send me an email.